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Progress report- new ideas

I’m beginning to understand why projects like this stretch out for years. Life gets in the way. And meanwhile, sometimes it throws a brand new and exciting development at one’s feet!

While poking through the Little Professor Bookstore a couple of weeks ago, I came across a book on Wetumpka written and published by cousin Edgar Welden. While mostly about the football team during an era decades later than the diary, I realized that Edgar might be interested in publishing the book form of this project, as the focus of his publishing company appears to be local history in general. Note to self- set up coffee with the cuz to discuss.

I also found bits of information about Lynn’s father and his involvement in the local school system, plus a few other details to add to the story. Also been having random ideas while in the shower, etc. about locating visuals, etc. in Wetumpka. Ready to go spend some more time there very soon, notes in hand.


Getting started 2

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After studying the diary for a couple of years, transcribing (not quite finished yet), and taking voluminous notes, I started making lists of names, events, physical items, locations, etc. and became obsessed with research, my all-time favorite activity.

The project notes & growing collection of memorabilia now live in a box that travels with me back & forth to our house on Lake Martin, my home base for forays into Wetumpka and favorite place to work. The original diary lives, intact, in a fire safe in my office at home in Birmingham. I work from photocopies of each page kept in the project box.

One of the toughest challenges has been to locate recordings of early radio broadcasts- the dates are well before recorded radio air checks became matter-of-course.

Getting organized 1

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Most importantly, thank you Aunt Patsy for allowing me access to your brother’s diary long ago.

Actually this has been a gathering phase going on for almost a decade, starting as a potential¬† book project. Along the way, developments in communications technology have allowed me to transition into a website using a blog platform, which will include photography, video, and audio for a richer experience. The idea is to re-create Lynn Welden’s 1930 world through his eyes, ears, and relationships.